VIDEO > Hakone Turnpike Hillclimb

If you are an avid fan of racing games, particularly Japanese based ones; it is highly likely that you would have driven on this downright tough track before.This amazing short film covers the beauty and rawness of the Turnpike, attacked by a myriad of machines in this hill climb event.

Time to bust out that copy of ‘Kaido Racer’ on the good ol’ Playstation.

VIDEO > BMW driven like a boss

This is how you drive on real roads….really tight real roads….
Witnessed at a hill climb challenge at Falougha, Lebanon, the course pits drivers through jumps, curbs, scary concrete town walls, all while driving through dust caked roads. Skill and madness in a cocktail.

VIDEO > Art of Speed Asia 2014

The movement that started it all, the Art of Speed fueled the now rolling retro movement and it’s not going to let up anytime soon! With the introduction of their first event 3 years ago, residents of Bolehland soon grew a ballooning interest in retro, oldskool styled cars, bikes, and other machines alike. Clubs, groups and businesses sprouted around cars and bikes that were built in a, so to say, simpler times. This is mostly due to the fact that it is now way much cooler to look back at a bygone era where cars, bikes, or any made object for that matter actually had something that newer things don’t have – they all have a soul.

Video: Joshua Boey & Calvin Tee
Words: Joshua Boey